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the cashier from hell

I have worked as a courtesy clerk in the most successful grocery store in New England for about two months now. At first, I hated the job, I dreaded going in to the workplace, blah blah blah. It progressively got less worse, until 2 days ago. I worked with possibly the worst cashier on the history of the planet. I don’t know how it is at other grocery stores, but here at mine, the cashier puts things in areas on the belt, delicate items on one side cleaning products, bread, eggs, they all have their own piece of the loading dock to go inside of a bag. Also cashiers are required to put stickers on over sized items as a proof of purchase, these items do not go in bags. Now imagine a cashier who doesn’t do any of these required things. 

Not only does she not categorize any items, she buries me in grocery. And if I can’t bag as fast as she’s whipping stuff down the lane (which I never can) and it starts to get all clogged up? She turns on my conveyor belt, which crushes boxes, plastic things of fruit, anything that can be crushed will be crushed, I try to put these items into categories so that they won’t be crushed, but there is just no way, she throws it (I’m literally talking throw, she flicks items off the scanner, even fruits and vegetables) items at me and there is no way to bag any of it coherently. After she throws all this stuff at me she stands there, because she now has a 5 minute break where the customer is watching me and wondering why the fuck this is taking so long, while she just stands there and does nothing. Yes, she doesn’t bag anything except the eggs, and if I am lucky the bread. 

Referring back to the stickers, she doesn’t put them on anything that she is required to put them on. I mean I know that milk doesn’t go in a bag but sometimes the customer specifically requests that some items that are usually put in bags, not be put in bags. Normal cashiers would slap a sticker on the item right then and there, for the convenience of me and the customer. But no, there is no such thing with this cashier. 

I dread large orders, and I usually don’t unless its 30 minutes to closing time and I am wondering why people couldn’t have done this earlier. But large orders with this cashier is a living nightmare.

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